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Was it worth it, Mr. Madoff?

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Março 13, 2009

Chappatte, «International Herald Tribune»

É a pergunta de uma das vítimas de Bernard L. Madoff, Robert Chew, que assina um artigo na revista Time:

Was it worth it, Mr. Madoff? You knew all along, but you kept it going, you kept it quiet. You had the ability to end it years ago, you could have saved thousands of loved ones, friends, retirees and charities from financial ruin, but you kept going deeper into the quicksand of your crime, without a struggle, without remorse, as if our lives and yours were just another deal.

[…] No, Mr. Madoff, you took our money for yourself and gave away our money for yourself. You earned nothing; you did nothing with your life. Your life was ultimately about inflicting pain, taking what you could and holding on to it like a common thief. You understood the irony of it all too, those thousands of false statements representing your false life, a great, mad construction you slowly began to embrace up in your secretive 17th-floor fantasy world, the way a young boy believes he’s Superman when he puts on a cape. The difference is you never grew up, Mr. Madoff, and we’re all paying for it now. But maybe because of what you’ve done to us, the rules of regulation will be changed so it doesn’t happen to others.

O homem que conseguiu cerca de 50 mil milhões de dólares num esquema em pirâmide e que ajudou a derrubar os mercados internacionais, depois de se considerar culpado de onze crimes, arrisca-se agora a passar o resto da vida numa prisão. Está aí a resposta ao Sr. Chew.

Chan Lowe, «Sun-Sentinel»

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