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O dia em que se perdeu o Afeganistão

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Setembro 18, 2009

John Sherffius, «Boulder Daily Camera»

Esta semana, observadores da UE anunciaram que pelo menos um quarto dos votos nas eleições presidenciais do Afeganistão eram suspeitos e que a fraude eleitoral foi generalizada. O actual presidente afegão e os governos e observadores estrangeiros, que investiram nesta eleições como uma forma de pacificar o país,  procuram uma solução para este problema. Mas todos temem e estão cheios de maus presságios sobre o futuro deste problemático país. A Der Spiegel cita, entre outros, o Berliner Zeitung:

“The presidential election in Afghanistan on August 20 could go down in the history books as the beginning of the end. The day that Afghanistan was lost. The day a civil war developed. The day that the export of democracy at gunpoint ended. And the day that NATO underwent the biggest defeat since its inception. That is why western diplomats and military forces put so much energy into making sure the results were correct — even though they didn’t know what the correct results would mean for Afghanistan.”

“But even when forgeries are spotted and votes recounted, even if there is a halfway clean election result, the country is still slipping steadily into a civil war. Karzai and his followers, mostly among the Pashtuns, would not accept a defeat. The whole Karzai system of corruption, bribery and nepotism would collapse and many of his profiteers would lose their incomes. And the Pashtuns would never let themselves be ruled by Abdullah — he is a Tajik, after all.”

“In principle, this election is significant for two reasons: For one thing, it shows how bad the situation in Afghanistan really is. For another, it exposes the hypocrisy of western governments who consider the act of voting alone as a measure of democratic progress.”

“This election has to be annulled. Doing so won’t help advance Afghanistan. But it may stop it from sliding back into the chaos of decades past.”

Chappatte, «International Herald Tribune»


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