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População e ambiente

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Setembro 19, 2009

Manny Francisco, «The Manila Times»

Para Leo Bryant, investigador da Organização Mundial de Saúde, a possibilidade de um casal poder escolher o tamanho da sua família é um direito fundamental. Mas este investigador vai mais longe; num estudo recentemente publicado [pdf], sobre o crescimento populacional e as mudanças climáticas, ele diz que o aconselhamento sexual e a contracepção são factores cruciais para os países pobres e, ao mesmo tempo, essenciais na luta contra as alterações climáticas:

[…] “We are certainly not advocating that governments should start telling people how many children they can have,” said Bryant, an advocacy manager at the family planning group Marie Stopes International, who wrote a commentary in the Lancet medical journal on Friday.

“The ability to choose your family size…is a fundamental human right. But lack of access to family planning means millions of people in developing countries don’t have that right,” he told Reuters.

[…] Bryant said 200 million women across the world want contraceptives, but cannot get them. Addressing this need would slow population growth and reduce demographic pressure on the environment.

In most countries with good access to birth control, average family sizes shrink dramatically within a generation, he said. But policymakers in rich donor nations are wary of talking about contraception for fear of being accused of advocating draconian ideas like sterilization or one-child policies.

[…] Bryant said health policies targeting family planning must be combined projects to educate people about sustainable farming and land management.

“Then the gains that you make in environmental sustainability in the immediate term are going to be protected in the long term against a rapidly growing population,” he said.


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