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Khadafi explica-se

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Setembro 26, 2009

RJ Matson, «St. Louis Post-Dispatch»

Numa entrevista, o Coronel Muammar al-Khadafi afirma compreender a ira dos familiares das vítimas do ataque de Lockerbie e exprime optimismo quanto ao novo Presidente americano, Barack Obama, e para a sua política com África, o mundo árabe e o Médio Oriente:

[…] In an hour-long interview, Col. Gadhafi said he hoped to build a new era of relations with U.S. President Barack Obama — whom he called “my son” during the same U.N. address — and said he wanted to place his nation’s decades-long conflict with Washington in the past.

[…] Still, Col. Gadhafi said in the interview that he believed President Barack Obama would pull back on pursuing military actions in the Middle East and Africa and seek a more aggressive role in solving the Arab-Israeli peace process. He said Mr. Obama also seemed committed to find efforts to address Africa’s poverty and plagues.

“I am optimistic. And a matter of fact, the whole world is optimistic about him,” Col. Gadhafi said. “When Obama took over, actually, he removed this source of worry from Africa. One way or the other, this tough approach was kept at a distance or put aside.”

A Time também apresente uma entrevista exclusiva com o líder líbio, feita a 24 de Setembro; nesta o Coronel Khadafi também fala sobre o Presidente Obama, Lockerbie, Israel e sobre o Irão

[…] America has the responsibility to reward and encourage such countries who take such decisions, so that they will be able to use nuclear energy or nuclear power in peaceful means. Upon the advice of our American friends, and others, when they told us to maybe get in touch with Pyongyang and Iran, and encourage them and talk to them so that they would not go to the use of nuclear energy for military purposes, divert the potentials of the capability they have for peaceful means, the actions or the answers from those such countries was, What did Libya gain in the trade?

Are you saying that Iranians and North Koreans don’t think that Libya got enough benefits for giving up its program?

Indeed that’s what they said to us. Indeed.


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