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As dúvidas de Micheletti

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Setembro 29, 2009


Sobre o regresso de Manuel Zelaya às Honduras, escrevia Mark Weisbrot no Center for Economic Policy Research:

Now that President Zelaya has returned to Honduras, the coup government – after first denying that he was there – has unleashed a wave of repression to prevent people from gathering support for their elected president. This is how U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton described the first phase of this new repression last night in a press conference:

“I think that the government imposed a curfew, we just learned, to try to get people off the streets so that there couldn’t be unforeseen developments.”

But the developments that this dictatorship is trying to repress are very much foreseen. A completely peaceful crowd of thousands surrounded the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa, where Zelaya has taken refuge, to greet their president. The military then used the curfew as an excuse to tear-gas, beat, and arrest the crowd until there was nothing left. There are reports of scores wounded and three dead. The dictatorship has cut off electricity and water to the embassy, and cut electricity to what little is left of the independent media, as well as some neighborhoods. This is how the dictatorship has been operating. It has a very brutal but simple strategy.

The strategy goes like this: they control the national media, which has been deployed to convince about 30-40 percent of the population that their elected President is an agent of a foreign government and seeks to turn the country into a socialist prison. However, that still leaves the majority who have managed to find access to other information. […]

Depois de ter mandado fechar a Rádio Globo e o Canal 36, dois meios de comunicação pró-Zelaya, sem qualquer ordem judicial, pressionado pelo Congresso o Presidente interino Roberto Micheletti analisa de deve ou não acabar com o recolhimento obrigatório que vigora no país. Entretanto, o embaixador dos EUA nas Honduras classificou de irresponsável o regresso de Manuel Zelaya ao país. Lewis Amselem afirmou que o regresso do Presidente não serve nem aos interesses do povo hondurenho nem àqueles que procuram o restabelecimento da ordem democrática nas Honduras e que aqueles que facilitaram a volta de Zelaya às Honduras têm uma responsabilidade especial em prevenir violência.



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