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It’s not our war. It is your war…

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Novembro 2, 2009

“Aid to Pakistan”
Stephane Peray, «The Nation» (Tailândia)

De visita ao Paquistão, a Secretária de Estado Hillary Clinton, encontra dificuldades na sua missão e em convencer boa parte dos paquistaneses que os EUA e o Paquistão têm um inimigo comum. Acima de tudo, a Sra. Clinton foi confrontada com um enorme sentimento anti-americano a que as mortes civis provocadas pelos militares ocidentais não será completamente alheio:

[…] Prominent women and tribesmen from the North West Frontier Province delivered the same hostile message that she’d heard the two preceding days from students and journalists: Pakistanis aren’t ready to endorse American friendship despite an eight-year-old anti-terrorism alliance between the countries and a multi-billion-dollar new U.S. aid package.

Clinton put her case directly to the public Friday in televised appearances in Islamabad, the Pakistani capital, fielding angry questions about the alleged activities of U.S. contractor Blackwater in Pakistan, the tough conditions that came with a $1.5 billion-a-year American aid package and alleged U.S. favoritism toward Pakistan’s archenemy, India.

One tribesman bluntly told her: “Your presence in the region is not good for peace.”

“We are fighting a war that is imposed on us. It’s not our war. It is your war,” journalist Asma Shirazi told Clinton during the women’s meeting. “You had one 9-11. We are having daily 9-11s in Pakistan.”

[…] Questions about U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan — conducted by the CIA — dogged Clinton’s visit, and it was the one issue on which she had no answer in her otherwise forthright response to criticism.

One furious woman in the audience equated those killed in the drone strikes with victims of terrorist bombings.

“There is a war going on” was the justification Clinton offered for the missile strikes on suspected militants, saying she couldn’t comment further as it was a military-to-military issue. […]

Stephane Peray, «The Nation»


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