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40 anos depois

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Novembro 3, 2009

Joe Heller, «Green Bay Press-Gazette»

Leonard Kleinrock foi um dos homens que pôs os computadores a comunicar entre si. Em 1969 enviou o primeiro e-mail da História para o Instituto de Pesquisa de Stanford, na Califórnia. Nascia aquilo a que chamamos Internet e Kleinrock é considerado um dos pais da mesma. A AlterNet transcreve um artigo da Agence France Presse sobre a celebração dos 40 anos, onde Leonard Kleinrock esteve presente, deste “elemento democratizante”:

[…] “There is going to be an ongoing controversy about where we have been and where we are going,” said Arianna Huffington, co-founder of the popular news and blog website that bears her name.

“It is not just about the Internet; it is about our times. We are going to need desperately to tap into the better angels of our nature and make our lives not just about ourselves but about our communities and our world.”

Huffington was on hand to discuss the power the Internet gives to grass roots organizers on a panel with Kleinrock and Social Brain Foundation director Isaac Mao.

“The Internet is a democratizing element; everyone has an equivalent voice,” Kleinrock said. “There is no way back at this point. We can’t turn it off. The Internet Age is here.”

Kleinrock never imagined Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube that day four decades ago when his team gave birth to what is now taken for granted as the Internet.

[…] Kleinrock, who is now 75, sees the Internet spreading into everything.

“The next step is to move it into the real world,” Kleinrock said. “The Internet will be present everywhere. I will walk into a room and it will know I am there. It will talk back to me.”


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