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News Corp. e o mundo novo

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Novembro 3, 2009

RJ Matson, «St. Louis Post-Dispatch»

A News Corporation de Rupert Murdoch é um dos maiores grupos de media do mundo com 200 jornais; ao grupo pertencem entre outros o Sun e o Wall Street Journal,que será um dos poucos jornais do mundo que cobre pela maior parte dos seus produtos e serviços online. Devido aos problemas financeiros em que a maior parte da imprensa se enconta nos dias de hoje, Rupert Murdoch já afirmou que possivelmente o método do WSJ será alargado ao restante grupo. O grupo é também um dos mais controversos. James Murdoch, filho de Rupert Murdoch e o possível herdeiro do grupo, concede uma entrevista à Der Spiegel onde a relação dos media com a Internet não faltou. Para James Murdoch a transformação digital não é o futuro, é a realidade:

[…] SPIEGEL: On the Internet, you have, for the most part, been giving your content away so far. Your father recently announced that News Corp. would soon be demanding money for the Web sites of its newspapers. Why do you believe that you will be able to re-educate readers after all these years of free content?

Murdoch: No one has claimed that it will be easy. But we have a good chance for success because we believe our content is genuinely distinctive. However, digital journalism is more than just a Web site: there are app stores for the iPhone and the Blackberry; there are digital reading devices, whose displays have been getting better and better. Perhaps the Kindle might still not be quite ready yet, but the technology is progressing quickly. Apple will be bringing out a reader. These all provide a unique opportunity to change our business model.

SPIEGEL: You yourself once said, though, that you don’t draw a distinction between bloggers and journalists. If that is the case, why should people be asked to pay for professional journalism?

Murdoch: It is not my place to distinguish between a card-carrying member of the Foreign Correspondents Club and someone who writes from home. Each customer decides what he or she would rather read. As an executive and investor, I attempt to obtain the best content and then to bundle it in a package — and that costs money. However, I would feel very uncomfortable if the journalism profession were left to hobby writers — that would mean it would be practiced only by the idle or the rich. The democratization of journalism via the Internet is a really good thing, but it should not lead to a situation where people are no longer paid for their creative achievements — regardless of whether they are a blogger or a journalist.

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