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A líder da Europa

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Novembro 6, 2009

Petar Pismestrovic, «Kleine Zeitung»

No Washington Post, Angela Merkel é merecedora dos elogios de Anne Applebaum. Esta escreve que a Chanceler alemão é mais do que isso: a Sra. Merkel, e sem ninguém reparar, tornou-se líder da Europa e a mulher mais poderosa do mundo:

[…] Under her watch, Germany has continued to grow more powerful, more influential, more dominant than ever before. Yet not only has no one noticed, they applaud and ask for more. If a bull-necked Helmut Kohl or a flashy Gerhard Schroeder were running Germany, there would be rising anxiety and mumbling about the Fourth Reich — just as there was 20 years ago, at the time of German reunification, when Kohl was still in charge. But Merkel provokes no jealousy or competitiveness among the alpha males who run large countries, and she inspires no fear among the citizens of smaller ones.

On the contrary, Germany even has good relations with most of its neighbors to the east, many of which are inclined to distrust Germans as a matter of principle. This is partly because she is so willing to show up when asked, and offer mild-mannered words of friendship and apologies for World War II. After which she returns home and works to make Germany stronger and more dominant in the region. And everyone smiles.

[…] If, in the coming months, she wants a bigger, louder role outside Germany, Merkel can probably have that, too. I’m not sure, though, that “big and loud” is quite her style. It’s equally possible that she will take over European foreign policy — but so quietly and so politely that no one will notice.

Dirk Kurbjuweit, na Der Spiegel, comenta que a silenciosa Angela Merkel, apesar de ter sido reeleita há poucos dias como Chanceler, já pensa na forma como será recordada pela História. Segundo Kurbjuweit, a Sra. Merkel sonha em imitar o seu modelo, Catarina II da Rússia, chamada a “Grande”, mas os seus contemporâneos preferem chamar a sua chanceler de “mãe” (mutti), algo que não parece agradar particularmente à Sra. Merkel:

[…] Both women had to establish themselves in an unfamiliar world, the German princess in Russia, which bore little resemblance to Europe, and Merkel, who grew up in the East German system, in unified Germany. Both women engaged in power struggles with the male establishment, and both prevailed.

Catherine deposed her husband and assumed the throne; he died in the process. Merkel pushed aside former Chancellor Helmut Kohl and others in her rise to the top, although they managed to escape with their lives. Both women were prepared to change their identities for the sake of power. Sophie changed her name to Catherine, which was more appropriate for Russia, and converted from Protestantism to the Russian Orthodox faith. Merkel, for her part, converted from neo-liberalism to social democracy.

[…] Merkel’s supporters reason that the nickname helps older male chauvinists like Michael Glos come to terms with her dominance. For them, it seems intolerable to be dominated by a woman, unless she is the type of woman who naturally assumes this role: the mother. Politicians of Glos’s sort find some consolation in the thought that even men like Julius Caesar and Winston Churchill were dominated by a mom, at least as children.


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