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Fort Hood

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Novembro 9, 2009

Escreve Max Cleland no New York Times:

“Every day I was in Vietnam, I thought about home. And, every day I’ve been home, I’ve thought about Vietnam.” So said one of the millions of soldiers who fought there as I did. Change the name of the battlefield and it could have been said by one of the American servicemen coming home from Iraq or Afghanistan today. Wars are not over when the shooting stops. They live on in the lives of those who fight them. That is the curse of the soldier. He never forgets.

While the authorities say they cannot yet tell us why an Army psychiatrist would go on a shooting rampage at Fort Hood in Texas, we do know the sorts of stories he had been dealing with as he tried to help those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan readjust to life outside the war zone. A soldier’s mind can be just as dangerous to himself, and to those around him, as wars fought on traditional battlefields.

Bob Gorrell, «Creators Syndicate Inc.»

O cartoonista Bob Gorrel parece interrogar-se sobre o porquê do massacre de Fort Hood, e muitas questões podem, de facto, ser colocadas. Milt Priggee e Deb Milbrath e, como Max Cleland, Dahr Jamail na Truthout dão, pelo menos em parte, a resposta:

Deb Milbrath

Milt Priggee


Uma resposta

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  1. Acção Directa said, on Novembro 9, 2009 at 12:03 pm

    Vitórias do diálogo multicultural. Da integração dos imigrantes. O Islão não é o problema. O problema são os crentes. Blábláblá. Pois. Vai bem.


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