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“Quem” & “Não conheço”

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Novembro 24, 2009

Petar Pismestrovic, «Kleine Zeitung»

“Quem” para Presidente, “Não conheço” para Ministra dos Negócios Estrangeiros. É assim que escreve Carsten Volkery sobre os dois novos líderes da UE. Segundo Volkery, a eleição de Herman Van Rompuy e Catherine Ashton para os lugares de topo da UE pôs muita gente a pensar e a interrogar-se. Os dois são pouco conhecidos mas como as expectativas são baixas, os dois só as podem superar

[…] For the next two-and-a-half years, Van Rompuy will have to negotiate the outcomes of meetings with 27 heads of state and government in the European Union. He will have to quickly develop his own profile so as not to become a mere tool of France and Germany, which helped put him in office.

However the more important job, at least on paper, belongs to the new EU foreign minister. Part of her new role will be to create a new European diplomatic force that could involve as many as 7,000 people, thus pioneering a genuine European foreign policy. But the real advantage is that both Ashton and Van Rompuy are facing expectations so low, they can only exceed them.

Mas Carsten Volkery também escreve, num outro artigo, que ao escolher Herman Van Rompuy e Catherine Ashton, os líderes europeus podem estar aliviados porque as posições estão finalmente preenchidos mas têm poucas razões para sentir algum tipo de “orgulho” pela missão cumprida. Segundo Volkery, ao escolher dois “desconhecidos”, a UE perdeu mais uma vez a possibilidade de se impor no palco da política internacional:

[T]he news disappointed many observers. The two new posts were originally intended to raise the EU’s international profile. Europe was supposed to gain new weight on the global stage and to exude unity and self-confidence. Instead, the bloc’s leaders have now chosen two nobodies to represent the EU. The new top duo will first have to struggle to raise their own profiles.

The old thinking of national leaders is behind the choices. Traditionally the EU’s top jobs have only been awarded to people who pose no risk of overshadowing national leaders. Brussels has always been seen as a convenient place to park politicians who are over the hill or otherwise undesirable. The latest decision shows that that is still the case. Van Rompuy and Ashton are by nature backbenchers, not alpha dogs — and that is exactly the kind of politician who has always been shunted off to Europe. Nobody seems to care about the fact that neither of them has any significant foreign policy experience.

Rainer Hachfeld, «Neues Deutschland»


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  1. Acção Directa said, on Novembro 24, 2009 at 11:39 am

    Só Vocês…lololololol…



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