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A Fortaleza Europa

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Novembro 27, 2009

Angel Boligan

Milhares de imigrantes ilegais morreram nos últimos os anos ao tentar chegar à Europa. A Der Spiegel escreve que não há qualquer registo por parte dos governos europeus de quantos morreram ao tentar chegar ao continente europeu, nem ninguém tenta saber quem eles eram. Mas como escreve a Spiegel, estes têm nome, uma história e muitas outras para contar, se se souber onde as procurar:

There were 18 people on board the Zodiac: 17 Afghans and one Turk who didn’t know the way. In the last stretch of the 90-minute boat trip from the Turkish coast town Kucukkuyu to the Greek island Lesbos, the autumn wind threw them on the cliffs. Ten Afghans survived. The others, including a couple and their three children, ended up in the graves for the unknown refugees at Mytilini cemetery. They are buried at a distance from the flower-draped tombstones of the local Greek people, on the far end of the graveyard, close to the trash.

Few graves here carry names. Most only have numbers written on signs on top of the graves, themselves little more than molehills surrounded by bricks: Afghan 1, Afghan 5, Afghan 11. There are no names, no dates of birth, just the day they drowned off the coast: Oct. 29, 2009; Oct. 3, 2007; Nov. 25, 2007.

No one knows who they are, says an Afghan immigrant who survived the trip from Turkey on a rubber dinghy seven years ago. He is the only person who visits the anonymous graves on a weekly basis. “No one wants to know them,” he says. “That is the problem.”

[…] No official records are kept of the migrants who die attempting to reach Europe. No government within the European Union is trying to discover their names; no authority knows how many are killed on the external borders of “Fortress Europe.”

There are organizations that attempt to count the victims. United against Racism, a group that originated in the squatters movement, clips out reports from local papers and adds up the dead. They have counted 13,000 deceased migrants en route to Europe since 1994. Some died in shipwrecks off the Spanish coast of Lanzarote, some collapsed on their way through the Libyan desert, others stepped on Greek landmines near the Turkish border. The list is endless.


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