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A revolução no mapa

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Dezembro 6, 2009

Angel Boligan

Shakthi Jothianandan, na The Nation, escreve sobre o projecto de Angus Johnston, um escritor, historiador e cronista do activismo estudantil americano; mantém o blog Student Activism. Johnston decidiu colocar no Google Maps as acções dos movimentos estudantis no ano académico de 2009-2010. Para já o número de actividades mapeadas é modesto mas o projecto de Johnston é ambicioso:

[…] His work, however, won’t simply be a one-dimensional snapshot of the current student activist landscape, as he is launching what will be a long-term sustained effort to log student actions. “I’m going to be updating this map indefinitely going forward,” he told The Nation. “The big thing that I want to do is provide a real time, live tracking of what’s going on on a national level.”

Luddites, skeptics and even apathetics may question the value of a map festooned with just a smattering of pins illustrating disparate instances of student protest. The map has the potential to serve as a peer-to-peer network for fledgling activists seeking advice, camaraderie or logistical know-how. The functional component of Johnston’s map lies in the fact that Johnston will be linking to extant Twitter feeds, Facebook pages and websites. Says Johnston, “That’s one of the great things about it being a map– you can look and see what’s going on in your neck of the woods, you can look and see what’s going on on your campus, on the campus nearby you.”

What’s more, Johnston is hoping to raise the profile of student activist undertakings. “As a historian, a question I always get asked is ‘why isn’t there more student activism right now?'” he says. “There is a lot of student activism and folks don’t know about it and students get discouraged…I think that letting people know how much is going on nationally and beyond that letting them know what kind of stuff is going on, what the scope and diversity of student activism is, I think it’s useful for everybody.”

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