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Microcrédito para a Europa

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Dezembro 6, 2009

Pavel Constantin

O microcrédito revolucionou o mundo das finanças nos países pobres ou em vias de desenvolvimento. Muhammad Yunus, Prémio Nobel da Paz  em 2006 e o homem que fundou o primeiro banco especializado neste tipo de crédito, o Grameen Bank, quer agora ver o mesmo acontecer nos países industrializados. Numa entrevista à Spiegel online, o Prof. Yunus explica porque os pobres na Europa devem ter acesso a crédito:

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Mr. Yunus, you provide microcredit to people in developing countries through the Grameen Bank. Is a similar program required in Germany?

Muhammad Yunus: Definitely. Even in Germany, there are lots of people who are being shut out of the banking system, like unemployed people. Bankers see them as too big a risk. Yet they are the very people who need loans.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Why? The unemployed get state support.

Yunus: That is the usual system in rich countries, like Germany. But there is no incentive to generate new income on unemployment payments. The next payment is coming next month after all. This robs people of initiative. One could also give the unemployed microcredit, allowing them to start their own businesses. Capable people should not sit in front of the television, like zombies, without having something to do. Their potential and skills go unused, their creativity is wasted.

SPIEGEL ONILNE: Would you grant microcredit to every jobless person?

Yunus: Everyone should have the right to a loan. You could say that you’ll give someone €100 or loan them €500. It’s a better way to distribute money. If only half of the people pay back the money, then it’s already a success. And if the person receiving the loan is successful, that will encourage others. Pride returns. […]

Peray, «The Nation»

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