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Putin, o “eterno”

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Dezembro 9, 2009

Petar Pismestrovic, «Kleine Zeitung»

Vladimir Putin é um homem que gosta do poder; se dúvidas ainda existiam, o actual primeiro-ministro russo tratou de as dissipar, na última quinta-feira, quando afirmou que talvez se candidata-se à presidência em 2012. Do editorial do New York Times:

[…] Mr. Putin displayed a master politician’s coyness in addressing the issue at a public forum where he took scores of questions. Would he run again? “I’ll think about it,” he replied. Asked at another point if it was time to relax after decades of government service, he said: “Don’t hold your breath.”

A lot could happen between now and then. Politicians change their minds all the time. Mr. Putin could decide to stay as prime minister and have his sidekick, Dmitri Medvedev, the current president, run again for president. At a minimum, Mr. Putin may be encouraging speculation about his political future to enhance his influence — or to divert attention from more important matters like economic reform or the demographic crisis facing Russia.

Whether or not the two men trade jobs or try to keep the ones they have, Mr. Putin — who first became president in 2000 and would be eligible to run again in 2012 — could conceivably stay in power until at least 2024.

[…] We think a system with more vigorous political competition among more candidates and offering a healthy debate about government policies would produce better results. So the prospect of Mr. Putin in perpetuity is not encouraging. Obviously, when the time comes, who leads Russia is a decision for Russians to make. And the United States must work to find common ground with whoever is elected.


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