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Posted in notas ao café by JN on Dezembro 16, 2009

Angel Boligan, «El Universal»

Em Bruxelas aumentam as dúvidas sobre a capacidade da Grécia conseguir resolver os seus problemas financeiros em ajuda externa. Wolfgang Reuter na Der Spiegel escreve que se nada for feito, o país arrisca-se a cair numa bancarrota, com consequências imprevisíveis para o euro:

[…] Europe might perhaps be able to afford to let a country go bankrupt, just as the US was able to cope when California went broke. But what if this happens to a number of EU countries? That would trigger what euro skeptics have warned about right from the start: The European common currency would collapse.

But the trouble wouldn’t stop there. When government bonds that have been regarded as a safe investment suddenly become worthless, then the banks start to wobble again, except in this case there would be no more governments strong enough to support them.

Nonetheless, even an isolated Greek bankruptcy would be bad enough, both economically and politically. Greece is already shaken by violent demonstrations, and political unrest could not be ruled out if the country descended into financial chaos.

What should be done to head off this Greek tragedy? The members of the board of the Bundesbank have a clear opinion on this subject. They say that if the country went bankrupt, Europe should under no circumstances come to its aid. Otherwise the Stability and Growth Pact would become nothing more than a historic document, with no relevance for the present or even the future. If help is required from other countries or international institutions, then the IMF should step in, say the bankers. After all, one of the key missions of the fund is to provide this type of aid. […]

Michael Kountouris, «Politicalcartoons.cpm»


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