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Iémen: o “novo preto”

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Janeiro 7, 2010

Nick Anderson, «Houston Chronicle»

Michael Cohen, no Democracy Arsenal, escreve que o Iémen é o “novo preto”; um país que poucos conhecem ou ouviram falar é actualmente o centro das atenções na política internacional:

. . or perhaps I should say Yemen is the new 40! Or maybe it’s the must have of the Spring War season. One might even say that Yemen is “The Situation.”

The bottom line is that Yemen is hot and everyone wants a piece of it!

Frances Townsend is so enamored with Yemen, she wants to go in and “clean it up” unless they take care of their terrorism problem! The time for polite diplomacy is over she sternly adds, proving that women can engage in the same sort of mindless and irresponsible “flag” waving that men have been engaging in for years. Susan B. Anthony would be proud.

56% of Fox News watchers probably can’t find it on a map, but no matter; they want to invade Yemen!

[…] The simple fact is that no matter how “hot” Yemen might be today, the United States does not have a Yemen problem. We have a homeland security problem and we have an intelligence sharing problem. One might actually think that making harder for folks like Abdulmutallab to get in the country in the first place would be a more productive use of taxpayer dollars then the uncertain and strategically limited goal of turning Yemen into a stable state (with the recognition that it ain’t easy to bat 1000). And each of the domestic areas I’ve identified has the added benefit of being a problem that we might be able to solve; as opposed to seeking out another unstable Islamic country to try and stabilize. I mean imagine if we took all the money we’ve spent on fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan against phantom terrorists and actually focused it on improving our homeland security? […]


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