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A “marca” Bush-Cheney

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Janeiro 8, 2010

Taylor Jones

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab levantou o problema do terrorismo contra os EUA mais uma vez e, mais uma vez, uma certa direita americana volta ao ataque, em especial o antigo vice-presidente Dick Cheney, para quem tudo é valido, incluindo a tortura. Andrew Sullivan escreve sobre o tipo de fascismo da dupla Bush-Cheney:

[…] I think proto-fascism is a better term than neo-fascism. Cheney and Bush respected the outer limits of constitutional democracy. They obeyed a Supreme Court ruling that struck down their maximalist views of their own inherent power as the executive branch. They left office after an election. They are not fascists. But they do see the executive branch as a kind of fascist element within a democratic polity, an element that can simply ignore the law or hire lawyers to twist it into meaninglessness, an element that has the inherent power to seize anyone, citizen or non-citizen, in the US or not the US, detain them without due process and torture them, in the name of national security, meaning any government response to “active threats” of terrorism.

This proto-fascist tendency, proven chillingly in the last week as Cheney Republicans like Stephen Hayes called for the torture of the undie-bomber, is what worries me. It is the embrace of raw violence against the defenseless – not within the constraints of just war, but outside all constraints except victory against an ‘evil’ enemy.

Bill Day, «The Commercial Appeal»


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