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Posted in notas ao café by JN on Janeiro 10, 2010

Michael Kountouris, «»

Charles Murray, que deve ser alguém que não viaja muito, apenas num só dia de visita a Paris “confirmou” o diagnostico de Chris Caldwell e Mark Steyn de que o Islão irá conquistar a Europa e esta irá desaparecer; no seu lugar existirá a “Eurábia”. O Sr. Murray chegou a esta brilhante conclusão contando os rostos “não-brancos” nas ruas de Paris assumindo, por isso, que estes não são nativos da França.

O Sr. Murray que não se preocupe, a Europa está bem. Justin Vaisse na Foreign Policy escreve sobre o erro de analise que é a “Eurábia” e “responde” às questões levantadas por Chris Caldwell e Mark Steyn:

[…] It’s not that Europeans don’t produce books in the same vein. Consider Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci’s “The Rage and the Pride”, a rabid attack on Muslim immigrants, or British columnist Melanie Phillips’s “Londonistan”, castigating the British left for handing over the country to the Muslim Brotherhood. Still, there is no real European version of the Eurabia panic, and the books that do exist tend to be country-specific, and part of a fringe far right. They do not dominate the market, while works by a range of serious scholars, including Italian sociologist Stefano Allievi’s work on European Muslims, German cultural anthropologist Werner Schiffauer’s studies of political Islam among Turkish immigrants, British sociologist Tariq Modood’s “Multicultural Politics”, and French political scientist Olivier Roy’s “Globalized Islam”, have offered important, data-driven analyses that undermine the facile dichotomies of the Eurabia myth.

But in the United States, the Eurabia books continue to proliferate even today… The continuity in clichés with the Europhobic literature of the 1970s and 1980s is striking: In both periods Europe is described with terms like appeasing, impotent, asexual, feminine, post-nationalistic, irreligious, apologetic, self-loathing, naive, decadent, and so forth.

[…] By relying chiefly on anecdotes rather than data, these books misrepresent the complex evolving picture of Islam in Europe. They also eliminate social and economic conditions, including discrimination, from the picture. […]

The most likely scenario for the next few decades — increasing integration of Muslims accompanied by continued cultural tensions, occasional terrorist bombings, and differentiated outcomes in various countries — is a conceptual impossibility for most Eurabia authors because for them Muslims can’t really become Europeans. It is, however, already the reality. Maybe it is time they take notice.


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