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Posted in notas ao café by JN on Janeiro 13, 2010

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Escreve o openDemocracy:

When we shop are we exercising our freedom? Or are we more like prisoners exercising in the yard under supervision? Is the consumer market a realm of democracy, or of oligarchy that subordinates us to it – even as it researches our desires which themselves are the often the projection of ever more advanced marketing techniques?

O motivo é o “duelo” — sobre a sociedade de consumo de hoje — entre Neal Lawson, autor do livro All Consuming, e a crítica ao mesmo de Mica Nava no Chartist. No openDemocracy, Lawson responde:

[…] The poor do have one critical role to play in society today. They are used as a tool of social conditioning. Their plight is the image that is used to keep us on the exhausting treadmill of consumer society. If we stop shopping, stop being normal then we will end up like them; the Others, sub-normal and sub-human. They become figures to despise.

Mica says that everything I don’t like in today’s culture is attributed to turbo-consumerism and she is just about right. I think it is the glue that holds modern capitalist society together, the deal for a life of hopeless individualism, the pay off for rising insecurity and personalised risk, the compensation for lives that are beyond our control. We are paradoxically its victims and its perpetrators. […]


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