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Obama vs. Obama

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Janeiro 16, 2010

“Yes We Can”
Angel Boligan, «El Universal»

Será Barack Obama um advogado demasiado cauteloso na sua abordagem ao terrorismo? Ou será ele um lutador que não conseguiu restabelecer o Estado de Direito? Sim, é o que respondem Evan Thomas e Stuart Taylor Jr. na sua crónica na Newsweek:

Dick Cheney has said that President Obama is “trying to pretend that we are not at war” with terrorists. Tell that to the terrorists. According to data compiled by Peter Bergen and Katherine Tiedemann for the New America Foundation, the Obama administration in less than a year in office has carried out more than 50 Predator strikes against terrorist targets. That’s more than George W. Bush did during his entire presidency. At the same time, liberals accuse Obama of betraying his ideals and his promises to restore the rule of law. This accusation is equally wrongheaded. Obama has made—or more precisely has permitted his attorney general, Eric Holder, to make—a series of decisions that weigh proper judicial procedure and the appearance of justice over risks to national security.

Obama’s split-the-difference approach on terrorism is consistent with what we have learned about the president in his first year. He is a realist and compromiser who seeks the middle way, not a liberal ideologue. […] Obama can be a little too Solomonic in his judgment when it comes to balancing the rule of law and protecting the homeland. In some cases, rather than relying on current laws, he should be working harder to change them.

[…] A Harvard Law grad who taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago, he is steeped in a tradition that privileges the Bill of Rights over the crude or arbitrary exercise of power. He is also a considered analytical thinker. Lawyers, at their best, weigh the equities and reject one-sided arguments. In his reasoning and pronouncements, Obama has shown an appreciation for shades of gray.

In their desire to avoid inflammatory language—referring to terrorism as “man-caused disaster” and the like—Obama’s lieutenants have from time to time tried too hard. Still, Obama’s greatest contribution so far to national security policy has been tonal. He has softened the Bush-era rhetoric and turned down the volume on what a former CIA chieftain once called “the Mighty Wurlitzer,” a mythical organ that blasts out the music of American salvation and superiority. Obama is keenly sensitive to appearances. He has always known that speaking of a “crusade” and “Islamofascism” was a good way to make jihadists out of Muslim teenagers, and that the American prison at Guantánamo was Al Qaeda’s best recruiting tool. […]


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