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Posted in fotografia ao café, notas ao café by JN on Janeiro 20, 2010

O Presidente John F. Kennedy na Sala Oval, fotografado por George Tames do The New York Times. Uma foto muitas vezes utilizada para ilustrar o que é considerado o cargo mais solitário do mundo. Gerard Dubois provavelmente baseou-se na foto de Tames para a ilustração do artigo de Nancy Gibbs na Time, “Obama After One Year: The Loneliest Job“:

There is a moment in every White House tenure when you can practically see the President walk away from everyone he’s known, everyone he’s been, because he now has thoughts and fears and hopes that no one else can fathom. Franklin Roosevelt faced a collapsing economy. Harry Truman had to decide whether to drop the atom bomb. John F. Kennedy found himself invading Cuba. I wonder when Obama’s moment came, as he splashed into office through a sea of red ink, ended his first year with a national-security nightmare and in between set out to pass a health care reform bill that a majority of the public now doesn’t want.

Presidents seldom get the presidency they hoped for. They don’t manage their inbox; it manages them, and they have to adjust to the paradox of power: as soon as they get it, they discover they rarely get to decide how to use it. […]

A year ago at his Inauguration, Obama affirmed that “we come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn-out dogmas that for far too long have strangled our politics.” Maybe it’s the memory of those huge, happy crowds that makes the contrast between then and now so irresistible. OBAMA WALKS A LONG AND LONELY ROAD, observed a recent headline in the Financial Times, and that image is everywhere — a once untouchably popular figure unable to connect as President the way he did as a candidate or shine the light of hope and change on the dingy business of governing. […]

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