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GOP vence no Massachusetts

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Janeiro 21, 2010

Bill Schorr, «Cagle Cartoons»

O partido Republicano venceu as eleições nos estado Massachusetts, na eleição especial que se realizou na terça-feira. Este lugar era ocupado desde os anos 50 pela família Kennedy, e pertenceu a Ted Kennedy até à sua morte. Scott Brown venceu Martha Coakley do partido Democrata desde o início dada como favorita. Robert Scheer na Truthdig e The Economist escrevem que Martha Coakley fez uma péssima campanha, que Barack Obama é o grande derrotado e que a eleição de Scott Brown pode representar um grave golpe na sua agenda política interna, em especial a reforma do sistema de saúde — Scott Brown é contra o plano do Presidente. Escreve a The Economist:

[…] The election is an extremely serious blow to the agenda of Barack Obama. He made a late swing through Massachusetts to stump for Ms Coakley, but failed to help. His ability to pull Democrats out of the fires of voter anger is now in question. The White House blames Ms Coakley. Mr Obama’s most senior political adviser, David Axelrod, said even before election day had ended, somewhat testily, that the White House had done everything that the Coakley campaign had asked.

Now the fate of the health-care bill is in doubt. Mr Brown opposes the federal bill, although he supported a similar one in Massachusetts, a law now in effect that (like the federal bill) requires individuals to buy insurance. Mr Brown says that different conditions apply in different states and the federal bill will cost too much. As the other Republicans are united in opposition to the bill, they would have enough votes to block it. […]

Brian Fairrington, «Cagle Cartoons»

No editorial do Boston Globe escreve-se que apesar da vitória dos Republicanos no Massachusetts, a reforma do sistema de saúde continua a ser crucial e que o Presidente Obama e o Partido Democrata em 2008 receberam um mandato para a fazer. Dan Kennedy, no The Guardian, escreve que esta derrota é uma lição que Barack Obama deve compreender e que é altura deste voltar a lutar como o fez durante a campanha para a Casa Branca:

[…] For Obama, the lesson of Coakley’s defeat is that he needs to start fighting for principle the way he did during his campaign. Had he demanded and won a stimulus package big enough to restart the jobs engine, and if he’d insisted on a stronger healthcare bill and pushed for quick passage, he’d be in far better shape politically right now.

There are signs that he and other Democrats understand their dilemma. The House of Representatives may pass the Senate version of the healthcare bill intact, thus bringing the months-long process to a merciful close. Maybe then they can start explaining to the public what’s in it for them – something they have failed at pathetically for many months.

Even more promising, Obama is finally starting to go after Wall Street. Now Obama is proposing a tax to recoup some of the billions of dollars in bailout money the bankers received, and has referred to bonus payments as “obscene” at a time when many “continue to face real hardship in this recession.”

[…] The White House and the Democratic Party still have time to change course. Surely Obama knows his strategy of reaching out to Republicans was an utter failure. It’s time to try something new – not necessarily a lurch to the left, but a move toward passion and populism and idealism of the sort that impressed so many millions of Americans during Obama’s historic presidential campaign, and that we’ve seen so little of since then.

Adam Zyglis, «The Buffalo News»


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