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Um plano para o Haiti

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Janeiro 25, 2010

Petar Pismestrovic, «Kleine Zeitung»

Segundo uma fonte governamental haitiana, o número de mortos provocados pelo sismo chegou aos 150 mil, e isto apenas na zona de Port-au-Prince. A The Economist escreve que o governo do Haiti não tem qualquer possibilidade de reconstruir o seu país e que esse facto obriga a que uma autoridade temporária exterior terá que se ocupar dessa tarefa. Esta autoridade, ou governo temporário, teria um mandato da ONU e poderia ser presidida por nomes como Bill Clinton e Lula da Silva quando este terminar o seu mandato:

[…] Amid such chaos, it might seem premature to think about a long-term strategy for rebuilding Haiti. Actually, it is vital. Already Haitians’ resilient response to disaster is creating new facts on unstable ground: the spontaneous refugee camps around the capital will be hard to shift. Even before the earthquake Haiti was poor, environmentally degraded and aid-dependent and had few basic services. This means that “building back better” must be more than just a slogan. It also means that time is short before the world’s generosity turns to cynicism.

[…] The pressing question is who should do it and how. Haiti’s government is in no position to take charge, yet the country needs a strong government to put it to rights. Paul Collier, a development economist who worked on the plan, reckons that the answer is to set up a temporary development authority with wide powers to act.

Given the local vacuum of power, this is the best idea around. The authority should be set up under the auspices of the UN or of an ad hoc group (the United States, Canada, the European Union and Brazil, for example). It should be led by a suitable outsider (Bill Clinton, who is the UN’s special envoy for Haiti, would be ideal, perhaps to be followed by Brazil’s Lula after he steps down as president in a year’s time) and a prominent Haitian, such as the prime minister. To provide services, it should work with aid groups.

Some will object that this would undermine a democratically elected government. But there is not much left to undermine. Done well, it could create a state in Haiti able to do more than preside over chaos and corruption. Otherwise the suffering of the past ten days risks being repeated.


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