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Uma obsessão da China

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Janeiro 26, 2010

Andy Singer, «No Exit»

Christopher S. Stewart na Wired escreve “Obsessed with the Internet”. No artigo, Stewart escreve que os supostos perigos dos jogos online tornaram-se uma obsessão na sociedade chinesa, o que originou o nascimento de uma pequena indústria de centros de reabilitação, mal regulados, que usam métodos pouco ortodoxos, como marchas forçadas e terapias à base de choques eléctricos. Stewart, para ilustrar este problema, recorre-se da morte de um adolescente num destes campos:

[C]hina has become wealthier and its young people more comfortable with the tools of the digital age, the Internet has emerged as an uncontrollable force. Signs of its impact are ubiquitous: in hangar-sized, 24-hour Internet clubs, where hundreds of adolescents spend hours wired to headsets in front of massive, glowing monitors; on, the labyrinthine social networking and instant messaging platform popular in China that has more than 480 million active IM accounts alone; and in the proliferation of stealth software that helps users sneak around state firewalls. Parents have always worried about the pernicious impact of youth culture, whether from comic books, rock and roll, or videogames. But in China’s rigid, hypercompetitive society, the Internet explosion represents more than a disciplinary annoyance. It is seen as an existential threat. And that helps explain why treating kids with supposed Internet addiction has become a national obsession.


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