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A “tragédia” grega

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Fevereiro 5, 2010

Jiho, «»

A Europa perdeu a paciência com a Grécia, escreve a Der Spiegel. A UE exigiu um programa de austeridade para este membro da zona euro e o comissário Almunia está também a exigir relatórios frequentes a Atenas. Para a UE a Grécia é uma das maiores ameaças ao euro. Escreve a Der Spiegel:

[…] Economically, of course, Greece is a dwarf, producing a meager 3 percent of the EU’s economic output. But a bankruptcy could have the same kind of knock-on effects as the bankruptcy of a major US investment bank. One couldn’t rule out a domino effect in Spain, Portugal and Italy. US economist Nouriel Roubini pessimistically wrote of “Europe’s sinking south.” It’s an experiment the EU cannot afford.

Indeed, it is unlikely that intense EU surveillance of Greek finances, as announced by Almunia, will be the last of the measures imposed. Brussels cannot simply decree an immediate shrinking of the deficit below the 3 percent threshold. Greece’s problems are deep and it will take time to solve them. No European country would be able to do what is being asked of Greece: a complete reform of its health and pension systems and the streamlining of its economy within just a few years. […]

Tracy Alloway, na Foreign Policy, pergunta se “desgraças” monetárias podem levar a alguns países a abandonar o euro:

[…] These problems constitute the worst crisis the European Monetary Union (EMU) has faced in its short history, and ironically, have only really emerged as the eurozone area tips into economic recovery. The problem is that some European Monetary Union members are tipping into it swifter than others, creating diverging monetary needs and an almost two-tiered eurozone. The problem has become so pronounced that some are now seriously discussing a scenario that would have been unheard until recent months: countries leaving the eurozone and reverting back to national currencies.


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