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O pós-Davos

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Fevereiro 6, 2010

Petar Pismestrovic, «Kleine Zeitung»

Dois pontos salientaram-se em Davos: a promessa de 10 mil milhões de dólares, para os próximos dez anos, ao projecto de vacinação global de Bill Gates e o apelo populista do capitalista Presidente Nicolas Sarkozy para novas regras para o sistema monetário global perante uma audiência de capitalistas que o aplaudiram, como escreve David Ignatius no Washington Post:

[…] The leading rabble-rouser was French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who opened the conference with a speech urging global citizens to reform the system. “From the moment we accepted the idea that the market was always right,” he said, “globalization skidded out of control.” An overemphasis on free trade had “weakened democracy,” he argued. Human values had been undermined by soulless speculators for whom “the present was all that mattered.”

Who but Sarkozy could make a diatribe on international economics so entertaining? The man is the most animated figure on the international stage: He scowls, he shrugs, he struts. Dressed in one of his skinny “Rat Pack” suits, he might be a Gallic Dean Martin.

When Sarkozy had finished his anti-capitalist rant, he got a standing ovation from an audience made up mostly of wealthy capitalists. The Davos magic, you might say.[…]

Jiho, «»

Escreve Anne Applebaum após o regresso de Davos:

[…] Sometimes if you fix one problem, you create others. Coming from Davos’s World Economic Forum — which I attended in the exalted capacity of trailing spouse — it was hard not to see a deeper metaphor: Davos is a conference that specializes in generating Big Ideas, preferably Big Ideas that can be outlined in a single sentence and thus translated into a single language. At these sorts of gatherings there is always a Big Problem looming, too: Poverty is growing, Europe’s influence is waning, or the climate is changing.

Usually there’s a Big Solution on offer as well: The United Nations must act, the European parliament must act, or the White House must do something. At dinner one night I sat next to a woman who was convinced that Western civilization would be saved by massive government investment in green technology. […] She dismissed all counterarguments with real passion, and a version of her thesis appeared the next morning on the front page of the International Herald Tribune.

[…] Davos, an event dominated by a strange combination of business tycoons and international bureaucrats, is a conference for people who don’t have time to hear other arguments or worry about long-term side effects, which is probably why it so often generates headline news. For the same reason, it is a conference whose participants like to draw grand conclusions based on the annual guest list. The first time the Russian oligarchs showed up, back in the 1990s, the resident press corps declared a Russian Revival. This year the Chinese attended in large numbers, and thus this is the Year of Asia. Americans were thin on the ground, so it is the Year of America’s Decline as well. […]

Petar Pismestrovic, «Kleine Zeitung»


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