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“Climate Bunker”

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Fevereiro 15, 2010

Steve Breen, «The San Diego Union-Tribune»

Christina Larson escreveu “Inside the Climate Bunker”; na sua conclusão, Christina Larson afirma que embora as ambições e importância do painel da ONU para o clima aumentassem com o tempo,os seus métodos para manter os seus recursos foram confusos e muitas vezes orquestrados com manipulações de dados colocando todo o programa em cheque na procura de protagonismo.

Walter Russell Mead, num longo post, “Global Warming Movement Wasn’t Ready For Prime Time”, responde a Christina Larson:

[…] The problem isn’t that the global warming movement took global warming too seriously; it’s that so far they haven’t taken it seriously enough. They believe that the world is threatened by an imminent danger, yet they haven’t bothered to think through a comprehensive political strategy or developed a competent and reliable institution to persuade what must inevitably be a skeptical world opinion that they are right.

The last time the world saw this kind of blind folly was when the Bush administration tried to bring order to post-invasion Iraq. For people who took such risks on the war and who pinned such enormous hopes on it, it’s amazing how lightly they took the task of reconstruction. The whole point of their strategy was to build a New Iraq that would illustrate the wonders of freedom throughout the Middle East; they just didn’t bother to develop a plan that could get there. They formed a closed circle of like minded people who branded dissent as disloyalty and bad morals and charged blindly into a situation that they did not understand.

The global warming people seem to me to be equally careless and thoughtless in how they have gone about organizing to get the human race to make what are unquestionably and by a large measure the biggest, most expensive, most intrusive and most consequential policy changes in world history. And like George Bush, they have found a quagmire where they expected a cakewalk.

Jim Morin, «The Miami Herald»


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