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Posted in notas ao café by JN on Fevereiro 15, 2010

Chappatte, «International Herald Tribune»

Numa entrevista à Der Spiegel, Jürgen Stark, do banco Central Europeu, discute sobre a ameaça da Grécia ao euro e o problema do crescimento da dívidas em países que adoptaram o euro como moeda:


SPIEGEL: You see the euro as a “community of fate.” Shouldn’t it be possible to eject a country that absolutely doesn’t abide by the rules?

Stark: I don’t think that’s a realistic option. I draw a different conclusion from the events of recent weeks: When accepting new members into the euro zone, we have to pay closer attention when it comes to the dates and longevity of the convergence.

SPIEGEL: So the euro zone has grown too quickly.

Stark: We began with 11 countries and we have 16 today. The euro zone was never a closed affair. The goal is and must continue to be that all 27 EU countries have the same currency in the end. However, this cannot result in the currency zone drifting apart.

SPIEGEL: Portugal, Spain, Ireland and Italy are also suffering acutely from big deficits. Could such countries really go bankrupt without threatening the very existence of the euro zone?

Stark: That isn’t a question we face. But I would like to point to one aspect in this context: Great Britain has a budget deficit of the same magnitude as Greece’s. The US budget deficit is also more than 10 percent of GDP. All advanced economies are currently having problems. In fact, it is astonishing to see where most of the criticism of the euro is coming from at the moment. […]


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