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Um distante acordo de paz

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Fevereiro 19, 2010

Paresh Nath, «The Khaleej Times»

O processo de paz para o Médio Oriente de Barack Obama afunda-se aos poucos. Joe Klein na Time escreve que é altura da administração americana se concentrar no que ainda pode ser conseguido e ao mesmo tempo adverte a todos os actores neste conflito que Barack Obama pode ser a última esperança nos próximos tempos:

[…] It might have been more profitable for Obama to have concentrated on trying to fix Gaza first. It was the immediate crisis when he took office, and it remains so. It is difficult to solve, but not impossible. Success would set a predicate: the Administration could be relied upon to work hard, and pragmatically, on vexing issues along the way to an ultimate deal. It could be trusted by all sides. That possibility still exists, although senior Administration officials seem unduly pessimistic about the chances of success. And there is a big obstacle here: the best way to resolve Gaza is for the U.S. to quietly convince Hamas that if it gives up Shalit — a huge issue for the Israelis — the U.S. would work to persuade Israel to lift the siege. The trouble is, the U.S. won’t talk to Hamas. But if Obama’s policy really is about engaging our enemies, he needs to engage Hamas — and Hamas needs to respond. Quickly.

There are other obstacles. Three of the four interested parties — the Israelis, the West Bank Palestinians and Egypt — are more than happy to let Hamas suffer in perpetuity. That may make political sense in the short term, but it is creating an intractable long-term problem: the rise of a new generation that’s even more radical than Hamas and even more angry at Israel.

Which brings us back to Cheney. He and his hard-line allies are rooting for Obama to fail. The leaders of Hamas — and other potential interlocutors, like the Syrians — need to understand that this may be their last best chance for progress. After Obama, the deluge.

Emad Hajjaj, «Al-Ghad Newspaper»


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