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De Jael à Mossad

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Fevereiro 20, 2010

“Jael mata Sisera”
Palma il Giovane (1548–1628)

Escreve a The Economist:

USING subterfuge to entrap and kill adversaries, in locations far from any battlefield, has been a feature of conflict for the past 3,000 years or so—at least since Jael, one of the warrior heroines of ancient Israel, lured the enemy commander Sisera into her tent, lulled him to sleep with a refreshing drink of milk, and then used a tent peg to smash out his brains.

In modern times targeted killing is a more elaborate business, and many of the finer points—how the victim is stalked, how many people are involved—usually remain under wraps. But the plot to eliminate Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a Hamas commander who was found dead in a Dubai hotel room on January 20th, has been laid bare in stark detail by the police in that country, not normally regarded as a model of open government. […]

A Interpol anunciou nesta quinta-feira que colocou os nomes dos 11 suspeitos pela morte de um comandante do grupo palestino Hamas, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, no Dubai, no mês passado, na lista de procurados da organização internacional. A agência publicou fotografias e os nomes que estariam a ser usadas de maneira fraudulenta pelos suspeitos. A agência acredita as identidades de pessoas reais do Reino Unido foram roubadas e os nomes foram utilizados para despistar as autoridades.

O Dubai acusou Israel de estar por trás deste assassinato e o chefe da polícia deste país já emitiu um mandato de captura sobre o líder da Mossad, a agência de espionagem israelita. O assassinato de líder do Hamas está a provocar intensa tensão diplomática entre Israel e o Reino Unido e o primeiro-ministro britânico, Gordon Brown, ordenou nesta quarta-feira a abertura de uma investigação para apurar se passaportes britânicos teriam sido usados por suspeitos de assassinar o líder do grupo islâmico.

Emad Hajjaj, «Al-Ghad Newspaper»

Muitas agência de espionagem são suspeitas de terem realizado assassinatos mas poucas são tão notórias como a Mossad e esta tornou-se no último meio-século lendária. A Der Spigel faz o percurso desta agência e escreve que esta teve também as suas falhas e se for responsável pelo que aconteceu no Dubai, será mais uma:

[…] The awe the Mossad inspires among intelligence agencies is mostly due to its history of ambitious operations. It has freed hostages from hopeless situations; it has found a way to bring a Russian MiG-21 fighter jet to Israel at the request of its political leaders; and, during the Cold War, it was known to supply the CIA with classified papers stolen from the Soviets.

But the intelligence service’s hit squads have their own mystique. If the Mossad really is behind the recent murder in Dubai, it will be just one in a series of bloody attacks — though Mossad operations have also seen their share of blunders.

[…] It is thought that, during the mid-1970s, then Prime Minister Golda Meir appointed a so-called “X Committee” that was — and perhaps still is — responsible for keeping a list of people to be assassinated. At the Mossad, a unit known as “Caesaria” is allegedly tasked with carrying out targeted killings.

It is only in the rarest of cases that Israel will hint at its involvement in an assassination operation. As a rule, the Mossad never acknowledges it participation. Because of this secrecy, it is likely that more deaths have been attributed to the intelligence service than it is actually responsible for. Still, the list of incidents that can fairly safely be attributed to it is long — and goes back over 40 years.


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