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O auto-teste de Medvedev

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Março 4, 2010

Riber Hansson, «Svenska Dagbladet»

O Presidente russo, Dimitri Medvedev, nomeou um antigo líder da oposição, Nikita Belykh, para governador da região de Kirov Oblast. Segundo a Der Spiegel, esta nomeação é um teste que Medvedev faz a si próprio: conseguir fazer frente ao todo poderoso Vladimir Putin, o seu primeiro-ministro:

[…] Medvedev’s decision to appoint an opposition leader and former dissident was a clear signal. Although Medvedev’s mentor and predecessor, Vladimir Putin, wants to keep the opposition in check by any means, Medvedev hopes to win them over to help push through his modernization policies. But Belykh’s meteoric promotion annoyed both the Kremlin old guard and local elites, who had made themselves comfortable in Kirov, creating a kind of mini-Soviet Union in which the roads were still named after Marx and Lenin.

[…] Although his predecessor, Vladimir Putin, mainly appointed high-ranking members of the intelligence service as governors when he was calling the shots at the Kremlin, most of the 23 governors appointed by Medvedev have been young, business-friendly technocrats.

What’s more, Medvedev made a point of visiting Belykh, the most controversial of his appointees, last year. No Russian leader had traveled to distant Kirov since 1824 — no tsar, no communist secretary general, no Russian president.

The region has thus become something of a testing ground for Medvedev’s leadership. It will show whether he can push through the modernization plans he has put at the heart of his presidency. With two years to go before the next presidential election, many are wondering if he can build up his own power base and finally step out of Putin’s shadow. Can his ideas for reform and the battle against corruption and alcoholism be transferred from Kirov Oblast — population 1.4 million — to Russia itself, which has almost exactly 100 times as many inhabitants? […]


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