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O sismo de Wall Street

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Março 4, 2010

Tim Eagan, «Deep Cover»

Numa época em que o planeta está a ser avalado por sismos violentos, Haiti e Chile, Harold Meyerson no Washington Post escreve que algo semelhante se está a passar na economia mundial: tendo como fundo o que se passa na Grécia e na relação deste país com bancos americanos, como o Goldman Sachs, que ajudaram aquele país a “esconder” o seu nível de endividamento, Meyerson escreve que um ano depois crise financeira global e da da derrocada de Wall Street, os EUA e a Europa estão a sentir agora as “réplicas” daquele enorme sismo financeiro:

Like earthquakes, Goldman Sachs can strike anytime. Its work can slumber undetected for years, only to erupt, unanticipated, with catastrophic consequences.

Consider: In 2001, Goldman set up some opaque financial transactions for the Greek government, the New York Times reported last month. Last year, when a new government took office, it found that Greece’s debt was far greater than the old government had acknowledged, thanks to deals that allowed borrowing to be treated as currency swaps rather than as loans. It also turned out that Greece’s deficit wasn’t 3.7 percent of gross domestic product but 12.7 percent.

The role of Goldman Sachs and other U.S. investment banks in helping the Greek government hide its debt is being investigated. But the results of these revelations were Earth-shaking. The Greek government is downsizing, which will deepen that nation’s recession. The euro, the continental currency that Greece employs, has come under attack by currency traders. The other members of the European Union have been compelled to keep Greece from defaulting — which has stirred up a backlash within affluent E.U. nations that threatens the entire project of a united Europe.

All in a day’s work on Wall Street. […]

Mr. Fish, «»


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