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O novo START

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Março 11, 2010

Dario Castillejos, «Imparcial de Oaxaca»

Os EUA e a Rússia encontram-se actualmente a negociar o sucessor ao tratado START para o desarmamento nuclear. Christian Neef, na Der Spiegel, escreve que os planos do Presidente Barack Obama para um mundo sem armas nucleares pode estar em perigo e a maior razão são os planos americanos de construção de um escudo anti-misseis na Europa:

[…] The Russians, in particular, feel that they are once again being misled. They may believe that man now in the Oval Office has honorable intentions, but they do not believe he is capable of reversing his country’s position on nuclear weapons, says Dmitri Trenin, head of the Moscow Carnegie Center. According to Trenin, the biggest anti-Russia skeptics have retained key posts in Obama’s administration. For the Russians, this is clearly reflected in Washington’s plans to develop new missile defense systems around the world.

The plan was presented on Feb. 1 — only a few months after the US had decided not to install a comparable system in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Now the United States wants to develop a missile defense system to protect European members of NATO. There are to be four stages, with a scheduled completion date of 2020. At first, SM-3 missiles, which are designed to intercept incoming ballistic missiles outside the earth’s atmosphere, will be stationed on ships in the Mediterranean. In a second phase, ground-launched missiles with corresponding radar systems will be installed in southeastern European countries. After that, similar systems will be installed in northern Europe, followed by intercept devices designed, in particular, to destroy intercontinental ballistic missiles coming from the Middle East and targeting the United States. […]


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