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Invenções para a igualdade

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Março 12, 2010

Angel Boligan, «El Universal»

A The Economist refere um estudo(pdf) do International Centre for Research on Women sobre as inovações, tecnológicas e sociais, que mais impacto tiveram na promoção da igualdade entre sexos e na afirmação da mulher na sociedade. Os autores tentam responder a esta questão examinado oito invenções que ajudaram de uma forma clara as mulheres, incluindo os telemóveis e o microcrédito. Escreve a The Economist:

TWO recent innovations have garnered a lot of attention for the way they empower women. One is microcredit, a system of lending to very poor people, the majority of whom are female microentrepreneurs who are thus helped to climb out of poverty. The other is the mobile phone, which among other things has led to the emergence of an army of “telephone ladies” in countries such as Bangladesh, who earn a decent living by buying a phone and renting it out to other villagers.

[…] What makes for a successful pro-women innovation? The report says it is usually the confluence of several positive factors. As with all innovation, a good idea is not enough in itself: it also needs a favourable context, including political, economic and social conditions that make the time right for its adoption, and an innovation system that excels at finding and testing good ideas and quickly scaling them up. But the invention must also have an inherent value that compels women to embrace it—such as the power the Pill gave women over the decision to become pregnant.

Whereas some of the innovations, including the Pill, were explicitly designed for women, others have been designed for men and women alike, but have disproportionately benefited women. Microcredit is one example, in part because poor men seem to be more feckless borrowers than their female counterparts. Another example during the past decade has been a dramatic surge in the use by women in several Asian countries—including China, India, Malaysia and Thailand—of something that is far from new in much of the world, the motorised scooter. The scooters, over 60% of which in India are now bought by women, have provided a fairly safe and reliable way for women to travel to more distant places for education and work, greatly increasing their opportunities and productivity. […]

Angel Boligan, «El Universal»


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