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À espera da chuva

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Março 13, 2010

Manny Francisco, «The Manila Times»

Depois do sismo que abalou o Haiti, a ilha enfrenta a possibilidade de uma nova potencial calamidade. Está a aproximar-se a época das chuvas e os campos de refugiados sobre-lotados podem-se transformar transformar os campos de refugiados em focos da doença. E tem havido críticas ao governo local para não fazer mais para oferecer e melhorar estes alojamentos de emergência. Escreve a Der Spiegel:

[…] The largest camp has spread itself onto the city’s central square, the Champs de Mars, directly opposite the ruined presidential palace. About 30,000 people live there. Despite this, the Red Cross estimates that only half of the 1.3 million poeple made homeless by the earthquake have managed to find refuge in some sort of emergency accommodation. “The needs are still huge,” Gregg McDonald, the coordinator of the organizations aid efforts in Haiti, said on Sunday in Port-au-Prince.

The rescue teams are still waiting for the administration to officially designate better-suited areas for emergency accommodation. The United Nations has also put pressure on the administration, but up until now nothing has happened. It has been some time now since the Haitians last heard from their president, René Préval. “He’s a phantom,” some say, disparagingly, of the leader, who set up a temporary office in police headquarters after the earthquake, but who has hardly been seen since. Préval has given no televised speeches nor has he made any visits to the tent cities.

What the people here actually need is a leader who can point a way out of the catastrophe and who could help to avoid the next one. And the next one could soon be on its way. “When the rains come, there will be endless illness in the camps,” says Rüdiger Ehrler, of the German aid organization German Agro Action (Welthungerhilfe, or WHH). Aid organization fear the threat of outbreaks of tuberculosis, typhoid fever, diphtheria and malaria. […]


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