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Choque de culturas

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Março 13, 2010

Aislin, «The Montreal Gazette»

A Europa descobriu uma nova luta política: a Internet a privacidade dos dados dos cidadãos — na Alemanha tudo começa com o “confronto” entre a ministra Ilse Aigner e o Google Street View. Como escreve a Der Spiegel, o novo debate sobre quem deve controlar o mundo online revela um choque entre duas culturas: o ideal americano de liberdade em contraste com o desejo europeu de privacidade. Ao mesmo tempo não deixa de ser também uma luta pelo controlo deste novo e vasto poder:

[…] The debate revolves around questions of national security and individual self-determination on the Internet. But it also concerns the power of the large and still-growing online giants, such as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and MySpace, as well as the question of what these companies are doing with the records of our everyday data, and how they will be able to obtain information from us, influence us or perhaps even control us in the future.

When it comes to freedom, Americans and Europeans bring completely different ideals and definitions to the table. While Americans want to liberate consumers, Europeans seek to protect them.

Until a few years, issues like data privacy and Internet policy were so unattractive in Germany that only backbenchers paid any attention to them. But now that they have become popular, no politician wants to be left out. Everyone is intent on regulating the future, and yet no one knows exactly what it will look like, or how it can be legally structured on the international level. […]

For Peter Kruse, a network expert in the northern city of Bremen, German politicians’ newfound interest in the Internet is a result of their “intuitive sense for power shifts.” In the online world, he says, it is not clear who is in control. Politicians, who tend to think in terms of power and influence, are now aspiring to get things under control and put themselves in the driver’s seat, Kruse believes. […]


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