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O mundo da China

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Março 16, 2010

Nerilicon, «El Economista»

Rana Foroohar e Melinda Liu, na Newsweek, a propósito da próxima viagem do Presidente Obama à Indonésia — pais em que viveu nos anos 60 — escrevem que este é o mundo da China, todos os outros apenas vivem nele. A China está reescrever as regras no comércio, tecnologia, sistema monetário e a luta pelo clima:

[N]ow China has more worldwide clout, and public opinion at home has taken on a combative (and sometimes downright jingoistic) tone. So with one eye on China’s national interests and the other on domestic critics accusing the regime of “coddling” the West, Beijing has begun to push harder to reshape international systems to make them more China-friendly (and, in the process, to raise the regime’s chances of survival). […]

Similarly, Beijing’s efforts to push the yuan as a rival to the dollar are now making tentative progress. In the last few months, China has inked $100 billion in currency-swap agreements with six countries, including Argentina, Indonesia, and South Korea. The yuan has become an official trading currency between Southeast Asia and two Chinese provinces along its periphery. […]

Equally quietly, Beijing is helping re-design the Web. [S]eparately, the Chinese have been working hard on the next generation of Internet standards—what’s called IPv6, for Internet Protocol version 6. The current version, IPv4, is expected to run out of usable IP addresses as soon as next year. […]

Indeed, while China isn’t necessarily looking to take over the world, its actions all put Chinese interests foremost. […] Earlier this month China confirmed plans for its second unmanned lunar probe in October and the 2011 launch of a space module for the country’s first docking exercise, all leading up to a 2013 moon landing. With NASA’s budgetary rollback, China is now the only country making major investments in space exploration. […]

The same principle explains the country’s overall drive to move ahead of the rest of the world: to make sure it gets a real say in setting its future rules and standards. It knows it can climb the economic ladder more easily in new and developing technologies than in traditional industries, and that’s why China, the world’s biggest polluter, has also become the single biggest state supporter of green technology. Thanks to massive government subsidies, it’s now a world leader in solar- and wind-energy hardware and is moving fast to set the standard in the next generation of clean-energy vehicles. Batteries made by the Chinese firm BYD are already used in at least a quarter of the world’s mobile-phone market; now the battery maker is leading the global race to adapt these batteries for cars, the biggest remaining hurdle in creating a viable market for electric and hybrid automobiles. […]

Ilustração de Edel Rodrigues/Time


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