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Posted in notas ao café by JN on Março 17, 2010

Pavel Constantin

Os ministros das finanças da zona euro prometeram, esta segunda-feira, ajudar a Grécia caso isso seja necessário, mas não disseram de que forma. Segundo a Der Speigel esta é a mesma mensagem que a UE envia à Grécia à semanas, na esperança que a Grécia consiga salvar a si própria:

[…] The finance ministers also highlighted the fact that Greece has not yet asked for help — but if it were to do so, there would be enough money available in the rest of the euro zone. It’s the same line the EU has been preaching since the beginning of the Greek crisis: In an emergency, the other euro countries would save Greece from bankruptcy. But the rescue package can not be called a “bailout,” because that is prohibited by the Maastricht Treaty, which governs the European currency union.

But constantly postponing the decision does not make it any easier. Sooner or later, the euro-zone members will have to answer the question of who will provide money for Athens, and how much. Around €20 billion of Greek debt will come due in April and May alone. So far, the Greek government has been able to get by on its own and has always managed to refinance its loans on the financial markets. A recent issue of Greek government bonds sold well — albeit at the cost of significantly higher interest rates, something which ultimately only exacerbates the debt problem.

The other euro zone members seem to be waiting until Greece’s need for additional financing becomes acute — and until the pressure to act becomes so great that helping Greece can be sold more easily to their own skeptical populations. Until that happens, details remain wanting. […]


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  1. 0 puma said, on Março 17, 2010 at 10:32 pm

    Será que esta Europa se salva a si mesmo?

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