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Netanyahu em Washington

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Março 25, 2010

Stavro, «Al Balad»

Com o primeiro-ministro de Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, de visita a Washington, a administração americana ainda procura uma clarificação por parte de Israel quanto às negociações israelo-palestinianas e sobre a construção de mais colonatos. Mas a visita do Sr. Netanyahu já começou mal e ensombrada pela notícia de mais construções na parte este de  Jerusalém.

Membros da própria coligação governamental criticaram esta notícia e mostraram o seu desagrado com mais esta “provocação”:

[I]n Israel, Mr Netanyahu faced growing anger over the latest building project in east Jerusalem from Left-wing members of his ruling coalition.

“Netanyahu decided to spit into Obama’s eye, this time from up close,” said Eitan Cabel, a legislator from Israel’s Labour Party. “He and his pyromaniac ministers insist on setting the Middle East ablaze.”

Jeremy Bowen, da BBC, escreve:

All day, Israeli and US diplomats have been shuttling back and forth across Washington. The Americans want assurances from Mr Netanyahu that they can take to the Palestinians to get them to agree to talks. It has been a difficult process.

Before Mr Netanyahu met President Obama at the White House on Tuesday night, the message from the Israeli side was that they had made up with the Americans, and that they now understood their position on Jerusalem. But as they were meeting news broke about another housing development for Jewish settlers in occupied East Jerusalem. Afterwards, the White House signalled the crisis was not over, announcing that no photograph or video of the meeting would be released, which is a calculated snub.

Even if the Americans do manage to get indirect talks going, the chances that they will make progress are slight. Both sides are politically weak – and their positions are a long way apart. To make matters worse, the entire region is more than usually unstable this year.


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