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Obama vs reaganismo

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Março 25, 2010

David Leonhardt no New York Times, escreve que apesar de todas as incertezas políticas e económicas sobre a reforma da saúde, pelo menos uma coisa parece clara: o projecto de lei que o presidente Obama assinou na terça-feira é o maior ataque do governo federal à desigualdade económica desde que esta começou a subir há mais de três décadas atrás, na chamada era Reagan. Para Leonhardt esta é a principal razão para o Presidente ter gasto tanto do seu capital político na sua aprovação:

[…] Since 1980, median real household income has risen less than 15 percent. The only period of strong middle-class income growth during this time came in the mid- and late 1990s, which by coincidence was also the one time when taxes on the affluent were rising.

For most of the last three decades, tax rates for the wealthy have been falling, while their pretax pay has been rising rapidly. Real incomes at the 99.99th percentile have jumped more than 300 percent since 1980. At the 99th percentile — about $300,000 today — real pay has roughly doubled.

The laissez-faire revolution that Mr. Reagan started did not cause these trends. But its policies — tax cuts, light regulation, a patchwork safety net — have contributed to them. […]

Chappatte, «International Herald Tribune»

O mundo Republicano não se dá por derrotado; agora o objectivo é o Supremo Tribunal onde pretendem ver a lei considerada inconstitucional — além de outros “expedientes”. No New York Times [via Andrew Sullivan], num comentário a um artigo de David Brookes, em jeito de conselho aos Republicanos, alguém escreve:

What if 15 Republicans had agreed to support this bill, if tort reforms and reforms of medical incentives were included? Could a better package have been created??

The blame for a weak bill rests not on the Democrats for confronting this issue, but on the Republican caucus, which forfeited a golden opportunity to guide this policy to a more effective conclusion, choosing instead to gamble on Obama’s total failure. I support health reforms that Republicans favor, and am disgusted that they wasted such a real opportunity to get something out of this, which would have made the whole reform package better. When one party has to carry the other around like dead weight, don’t expect legislative miracles. Step up and compromise Republicans. Small government doesn’t mean absence of governing.

Nick Anderson, «Houston Chronicle»


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