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O Sr. “300 mil milhões”

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Abril 1, 2010

Michael Kountouris

Manfred Ertel, na Der Spiegel, escreve sobre o homem que muito provavelmente terá a tarefa mais ingrata na Grécia dos dias de hoje: Petros Christodoulou é o novo chefe da agência encarregada de gerir a dívida pública grega. Segundo Ertel, o Sr. Christodoulou já traçou o seu percurso e o dos 300 mil milhões de euros, e segundo este é um no qual “não há lugar para emoções”:

[…] Even if Greece is unable to increase its revenues significantly, it is Christodoulou’s job to procure favorable loans in the financial markets so that Athens can at least pay off its old debts with new debt. This, in turn, is meant to placate Greece’s creditors, help the country get over its financial crisis and stabilize Europe’s common currency, the euro. […]

[C]hristodoulou didn’t hesitate for a second. “You don’t necessarily wait for an offer like this,” says the financial manager, “but there are moments in your career when you just have to clench your teeth and get down to business.” Now he intends to use his skills to help lead his country “out of an admittedly difficult situation.”

Those skills must be extraordinary, if one is to believe the early praise in the capital. Christodoulou, who studied finance in Athens and at New York’s Columbia University, held senior executive positions with several major financial institutions, including Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and, most recently, the National Bank of Greece, before being chosen as his country’s financial savior. “I climbed high and was dropped off with a parachute over unknown terrain,” he says. […]

With his staff of 20, Christodoulou, 49, must decide which bonds to place and where they will be placed, the size of the offering and the terms and conditions. “My life is dictated by the financial markets,” he says. “I’m here when something new happens, and I’m here when someone has an idea, morning, noon and night. I exchange e-mails with the finance minister at one in the morning.” […]

Paresh Nath, «The Khaleej Times»


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