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Brand Tiger

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Abril 9, 2010

Steve Nease

Tiger Woods regressou ao que faz melhor e com ele a “marca” Tiger. A The Economist escreve sobre as marcas obrigadas a recuperar de escândalos públicos e dos danos por estes provocados:

[…] Brand Tiger is thus likely to join a long list of brands that have come back refreshed after a spell in rehab. These include not just the predictable roster of celebrity brands such as Martha Stewart and Kobe Bryant, but also a surprising number of solid corporate citizens such as Johnson & Johnson and Coca-Cola. Brand-threatening scandals are becoming a regular feature of the corporate landscape, thanks to a toxic mixture of globalisation, which scatters corporate activities hither and yon, and the internet, which allows bad news to spread like wildfire. Oxford Metrica, a consultancy, estimates that executives have an 82% chance of facing a corporate disaster within any five-year period, up from 20% two decades ago. Indeed, just the day after Mr Woods made his return to golf, the American government fined Toyota over $16m for its tardiness in addressing safety concerns.

The key to a successful relaunch lies in making a cool-headed assessment of how much the scandal damages your company. Does it involve life and limb, rather than less consequential matters? Has it spread beyond particular products or particular divisions to afflict the entire corporate brand? If the answer to both questions is yes, then companies are well advised to go into collective overdrive; if it is no, then they can experiment with more nuanced responses, such as lopping off a tainted product or sacrificing a rogue division. […]

Crises can even give brands a long-term boost, provided the rehabilitation is properly handled. Coca-Cola emerged stronger from its disastrous recipe change in 1985. In response to widespread outrage from customers, it reverted to the original formulation within three months. The whole episode reminded consumers of their fierce attachment to Coke, and thus ended up increasing sales. Tiger Woods, too, could well emerge with added lustre from his own debacle. There is nothing Americans like more than a redemption story—particularly when the man being redeemed is supremely good at his job.


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