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Erros de pensamento

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Abril 14, 2010

Frederick Deligne

O Cardeal Tarcisio Bertone surpreendeu hoje o mundo ao afirmar que é a homossexualidade e não o celibato dos padres a principal causa dos casos de pedofilia no interior da Igreja Católica. Não é nada de novo o que o Sr. Cardeal diz nem ele é o único a pensar assim. Sobre o assunto e em resposta a Daniel Oliver no American Spectator, Julian Sanchez escreve algo que merece ser lido na integra:

[…] Suppose—just work with me for a second here—you are studying some men who compulsively have sex with goats. You might, out of scientific curiosity, want to discover whether there was any correlation between the sexual orientation of the men and their unusual predilection. The obviously wrong way to go about discovering this is to ask: “Well, were they mostly boy goats, or girl goats?” Because the whole goat thing is really best conceived as its own rather disturbed “orientation,” with no necessary connection to whatever preference one might have between humanoids.

So it is with pedophilia. If by “male homosexuality” we mean a general sexual attraction to other men, then pedophiles—including the abusive priests Oliver discusses—are not homosexual. Research shows that men who molest young boys overwhelmingly either have no sexual interest in adults, or are heterosexual in their adult orientation. So consistent is this finding that one group of researchers posited that “homosexuality and homosexual pedophilia may be mutually exclusive.” Evey now and again, a phony “study” purports to “discover” a link between homosexuality and pedophilia, and invariably these “studies” proceed by simply classifying male abusers of male children as “homosexual” without inquiring into any adult attraction. So when Oliver asks “Are most child molesters in the Catholic Church homosexuals?”—the correct answer, if you have the first notion what you’re talking about, is that probably few or none of them are. […]

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