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O próximo problema da UE

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Abril 16, 2010

Dave Granlund, «»

O Economix, o blog de Economia do New York Times, considera que a ajuda da UE à Grécia de pouco adiantará em resolver os problemas estruturais que a união atravessa e afirma que a zona euro correrá mais perigo nos próximos anos. Ao mesmo tempo, vêem Portugal como o próximo problema que a UE poderá enfrentar:

[…] Next on the radar will be Portugal. This nation has largely missed the spotlight, if only because Greece spiraled downward. But both are economically on the verge of bankruptcy, and they each look far riskier than Argentina did back in 2001 when it succumbed to default. […]

Neither Greek nor Portuguese political leaders are prepared to make the needed cuts. The Greeks have announced minor budget changes, and are now holding out for their 45 billion euro package while implicitly threatening a messy default on the rest of Europe if they do not get what they want — and when they want it. […]

Europe will eventually grow tired of bailing out its weaker countries. The Germans will probably pull that plug first. The longer we wait to see fiscal probity established, at the European Central Bank and the European Union, and within each nation, the more debt will be built up, and the more dangerous the situation will get.

When the plug is finally pulled, at least one nation will end up in a painful default; unfortunately, the way we are heading, the problems could be even more widespread.


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