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Negociar com os Taliban…

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Maio 6, 2010

Nate Beeler, «The Washington Examiner»

Jonathan Steele, no The Guardian, pergunta se — e oito anos depois do seu regime ter sido derrubado e com o governo de Hamid Karzai a cair em descrédito tanto a nível interno como externo — negociar com os Taliban não será a única via de se atingir a paz:

[…] Perhaps most surprisingly, even among Afghanistan’s small but determined group of woman professionals, the notion of making a deal with the ultra-conservative men who forced them into burkas and denied them the right to work outside the home is no longer anathema. A desperate desire for peace is trumping concern over human rights.

Given the sense of liberation that accompanied the Taliban’s defeat in 2001, the new mood seems barely credible. For five years, the 20th century’s most brutal form of male chauvinism had held sway across 90% of Afghanistan. It was accompanied by other bizarre efforts to revert to a pre-modern age. […]

For the US, a timetable for withdrawal will be tough for Washington to accept. On the Taliban side, decisions will have to be made on whether to abandon the hope of victory and share power, especially if it means accepting the new Afghan constitution as the basis for a deal. They are bound to demand changes, so what concessions on sharia law and women’s rights are Karzai and Afghan’s other politicians likely to make?

Human rights groups hope to use this month’s peace jirga to lay down red lines. “Women are afraid that the Taliban will come in without any conditions being put by the government,” says Farida Nekzad, who runs the Wakht news agency and is widely regarded as one of the country’s bravest journalists.

But the obstacles to a peace deal will not get smaller as time goes by. By and large, Afghans are ready. When will Obama get on board? Karzai’s visit to the White House next week would be a good moment but, sadly, it seems unlikely.

Kal, «The Economist»


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