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Risco e responsabilidade

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Maio 6, 2010

Keefe, «The Denver Post»

Christoph Schwennicke, na Der Spiegel, escreve sobre as semelhanças entre o derrame no Golfo do México e a crise grega: as duas têm origem directa na acção do homem. A diferença está que enquanto a BP pretende arcar com os custos da catástrofe que provocou, os agentes financeiros por trás da crise do euro, e em particular da crise grega, não estão a ser responsabilizados:

[…] Big companies both enjoy the opportunities and assume the risks of their operations, whether they be on the high seas or in the financial markets. Chances are that the oil disaster and its astronomical costs will endanger BP’s survival, just like the horrific tanker accident off the coast of Alaska 21 years ago threatened its competitor Exxon.

When it comes to their dealings with players in the financial markets, European politicians must be as hard-nosed as President Obama has been with BP. If you cause a catastrophe, you should have to pay for it — even if it pushes you to the precipice. It can’t be that those who cause catastrophes can use their alleged “systematic” importance to justify carrying on with business as usual and that governments around the world put their clean-up efforts on hold.

There’s a lesson to be learned from the Exxon Valdez disaster from 1989: The oil company has been making a tidy profit for years, but the fishermen in Alaska are still waiting for the fish to return.

Matt Davies, «Journal News»


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