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Faisal e os Taliban

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Maio 7, 2010

RJ Matson, «St. Louis Post-Dispatch»

Segundo o New York Times, aumentam as evidências da ligação entre Faisal Shahzad — um americano de 30 anos de origem paquistanesa que é acusado de estar por trás do atentado bombista falhado em Times Square —  e os Taliban do Paquistão. Segundo o diário nova-iorquino, o interrogatório a Shahzad parece mostrar que os Taliban forneceram o treino necessário nos meses anteriores ao ataque falhado. Se antes os Taliban paquistaneses assumiram a responsabilidade, agora negam qualquer ligação a Faisal Shahzad. Para as autoridades americanas, a dúvida será qual dos grupos paquistaneses estará ligado ao atentado.

Dick Lugar na Foreign Policy escreve que mais do que nunca, o Paquistão continua a precisar da ajuda dos EUA e seus aliados:

[…] It is also important to manage expectations. Anti-Americanism runs deep in Pakistan. If we are to break the cycle of high hopes and disappointments that has characterized the relationship, we, with our Pakistani partners, must set goals that are clear and achievable. We must be determined, in the face of inevitable setbacks, in demonstrating our commitment to democracy, pluralism, economic growth, and the fight against extremism.

On the American side, the responsibility right now for delivering the resources throughout all of Pakistan has fallen upon our embassy team in Islamabad, which is working ably to cope. […]

On the Pakistani side, the top leaders must be consistent and vocal in their commitment to use our funds to confront poverty and extremism, and that must be matched by the day-to-day actions of politicians and the bureaucracy. Cooperation with U.S. officials on the Times Square terrorist case has apparently been good so far, but much more may be needed as the investigation proceeds. In the past, things haven’t always gone smoothly. […]

Nick Anderson, «Houston Chronicle»


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