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Posted in notas ao café by JN on Maio 21, 2010

Chappatte, «NZZ am Sonntag»

Dois ateus, um de origem cristã e outra de origem hindu, discutem o problema da burqa em França. Christopher Hitchens, na Slate, defende a proibição do governo francês ao uso da burqa e afirma que qualquer tentativa em contrário é um atentado aos direitos das mulheres:

[…] My right to see your face is the beginning of it, as is your right to see mine. Next but not least comes the right of women to show their faces, which easily trumps the right of their male relatives or their male imams to decide otherwise. The law must be decisively on the side of transparency. The French are striking a blow not just for liberty and equality and fraternity, but for sorority too.

Shikha Dalmia, na Forbes, embora não concordando com a imposição do uso da burqa discorda de Hitchens e da nova lei francesa que apenas servirá para aumentar o radicalismo e tornar a vida de muitas mulheres mais difícil:

[T]here is nothing in Hinduism that makes an individual’s spiritual salvation anyone’s business except the individual herself. By contrast, Hitchens, et al, who have been raised in the cradle of a Christian civilization, have imbibed a certain comfort level with the crusading notion that people can–and ought to–be saved even against their will. Hence, it does not matter if Muslim women don’t regard the burqa as oppressive. They have to be given sartorial liberation in the same way that the heathens need to be given spiritual liberation.

This is a profoundly anti-liberal and anti-secular idea. Indeed, if the French and Hitchens were serious about either secularism or liberalism, instead of asking Muslim women to shed the burqa, they would be shedding their own proselytizing prejudice against it.

[Via: The Daily Dish]


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