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Kim Jong Il e a História

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Maio 26, 2010

Simanca Osmani

A Coreia do Norte cortou todas as relações com a Coreia do Sul, incluindo as comunicações. Mais um facto a aumentar a instabilidade na região enquanto o mundo prepara mais (possíveis) sanções contra o regime de Pyongyang, isolando o país ainda mais. Segundo New York Times, as sanções impostas pelo Presidente sul-coreano podem custar 250 milhões de dólares à Coreia do Norte o que para um país pobre e isolado é muito.

Para Michael Schuman do The Curious Capitalist, este aspecto é de pouca importância para Kim Jong Il e nunca o será até porque, e para já, pode contar com a ajuda da China:

[…] The imposition of economic sanctions is predicated on the belief that the target government is concerned at least to a minor degree about its economy’s development or its populace’s well being. Kim Jong Il has shown again and again that he isn’t the least bit bothered by either. This is a man willing to let his people starve to death rather than alter a ridiculous political and economic system rigged solely to ensure the maintenance of his regime. [H]e’s cracked down on the activities of private markets, which played a key role in alleviating hunger in the country, and is trying to revive the dangerously broken state distribution system. Such mindless actions put an already precarious population at severe risk of another famine. […]

Mas como continua Schuman, a acção de Kim Jong Il poderá ter um preço:

[T]here will ultimately be a limit to that strategy, a point at which he can’t extract a drop more. Even level-headed North Korea watchers have started to believe the country is in a truly unstable position at this time. Measures like the ones announced by Lee Myung Bak may not have any immediate impact. But they do eat away at the long-term sustainability of the North Korea regime. Eventually, Kim Jong Il will “pay a price” for what he’s done to the Korean people.


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